Wine Splendor of Sicily

7 Nights/8 Days


1 night in Palermo, 2 nights in Menfi, 1 nights in Agrigento, 3 nights in Salina Island ( Eolian Islands)

Tour Information

Tour Type: Private Journeys
Tour Category: Wine Exploration
Departure Type: On Request
Starting Point: Palermo, Italy
Ending Point: Salina, Italy
Grade/Difficulty: Easy To Moderate
Duration: 7 Nights/8 Days
Transport Mode: Various
Scheduling: Private Tour
Languages: English
Children Allowed: No
Min. Pax: 1
Max. Pax: 2


Welcome to Italy!!

Meet your English speaking driver upon your arrival in Palermo. He will be waiting for you outside the customs with a sign with your name on it and drive you to your hotel. 

Explore Palermo at your leisure. The city is filled with incredible sites to experience and in the historic district in can seem as though they are all competing for your attention. Of things to see in Palermo, few showcase the city as completely the differing influences that have swept through the town, namely, the city's cathedral.

Refurbished and shining, another of the cities sights to see is the Teatro Massimo, one of the premier sights of Palermo. It is the largest theatre in Italy and presents a full slate of performances each year. Blending flea market, kasbah, souk, and haggler’s heaven, the markets in Palermo vibrate with energy and shouldn't be missed. The street foods are one attraction, and the goods quite another. See them at the Vucciria, Borgo Vecchio, Capo, Ballaro, or Piazza Perani.  

Ziza, built in the 12th century and now the museum of Islamic art, was the hunting lodge of the Norman Kings. The interior highlights the architectural influences of the Moorish tribes who had only recently been conquered. One of the most memorable Palermo sights is underground. More than 8,000 corpses have been mummified and put on display in the Catacombs of the Capuchins, a monastic order whose ossuary is under the Santa Maria della Concezione.

Today you will leave Palermo for Menfi, considered the best wine area in Sicily and one of the best in the Mediterranean area: Menfi.

Meet your driver guide at 9.00 am and start your exploration of the western villages of Sicily, from Erice to Marsala. Beyond the vineyards, at 2,461 feet above the sea stands Erice, a fairytale of a town erected on Monte San Giuliano. A mix of myth and history runs through the tiny lanes of this borgo that was dominated for centuries, by everyone from the Elymians and Phoenicians to the Greeks and Romans to the Normans and Vandals. A visit to Erice is obligatory, not only for its ancient treasures, but for the out-of-this-world views of its coast.

Marsala's origins are tied up with those of an unusual archaeological site nearby, the little island of Mozia, also known as San Pantaleo. The small isle of Mothia, meanwhile, is one of the most important of Phoenician settlements. A great number of ruins are visible, specifically the necropolis with the Tophet and the Whitaker Archaeological Museum.
When the Greeks of Syracuse attacked and destroyed Mozia in 397 BC, the residents moved their main settlement to the Sicilian mainland, to an easily defensible site on a promontory: Lilybaeum, the site of present day Marsala.

We'll visit the Florio winery near Marsala, where the Florio family has created a new Winery concept: a magical, place that provides a unique experience into an unexpected world. The historic Florio Winery in Marsala, built in tufo stone by Vincenzo Florio in 1832, welcomes visitors and offers them a captivating journey of discovery within a sophisticated venue. Tradition and innovation blend in the Florio Concept Winery: the Winery tour and tasting experience, in the Donna Franca Florio tasting room, is an original and unusual adventure involving the senses and the soul. 
The idea is to give visitors a complete, unforgettable experience, and lead them on a journey of discovery  reflecting style as well as the art of modern technology intersecting with excellence, uniqueness, knowledge and culture.

After the visit, continue on to Menfi, where you will spend the next 2 nights at Planeta Winery Resort.
Stay at : La Foresteria Planeta Estate or similar

Today, enjoy relaxing in the infinity pool with a view onto the vineyards and the Sea.

In the morning join a cooking class at Planeta Estate followed by a tour of the vineyards along with a wine tasting. The Planeta family have always combined their passion for Sicily with a desire to warmly welcome those who wish to discover it.  Because of this their wineries have never merely been places to produce wine but have also been devoted to hospitality, linked to cooking, nature and the local culture.

Their patient and meticulous research has always been directed to the past as much as to the future; on the one hand profoundly linked to the oldest Sicilian traditions of wine making with its heritage of indigenous varieties, and on the other an interest in those international grape vines which are best adapted to these territories, without neglecting the most vigorous and imaginative investigations into other varieties.

In the afternoon at 3.00 pm meet your driver and your guide and visit the Archeological Park of Selinunte.

On a soft little hill overlooking the sea, the ruins of Selinunte are considered one of the most important archaeological areas in the Mediterranean and indeed in all Europe. Founded in the course of the seventh century by settlers from Megara Hyblaea, it was the western most outpost of the Greek territories in Sicily. Hence it was here that for about three centuries there was the encounters and clashes between the Greek and Phoenician-Punic civilizations which long marked the life of the peoples of the lands around the Mediterranean. In 409BC, the Cathaginians invaded Selinute with a vast army of 100,000 men, sent to lay siege to the town which managed to hold out for nine days. Thousands of inhabitants were ultimately massacred or taken into slavery. The site of the city remained an abandoned ruin for centuries and it wasn't until 700AD that a village started to take hold around the ancient ruins. 

After breakfast, you'll be picked up at 9:00am for your transfer to Agrigento with en route stop in Agrigento. 

Meet up with your local historian / guide in Agrigento for a three hour guided tour visiting the magnificent Valley of the Temples, experience scenery of extraordinary beauty;  the imposing Greek ruins, the Garden of the Kolymbetra and the Necropolis.

The Archeological Park is an exceptional historic testimony to Magna Graecia’s presence in this area, as well as to subsequent epochs, the archaeological site at Agrigento, in Sicily, was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1997. The remains from the Hellenic city, the successive Punic-Roman era structures, the imposing Doric temples – to this day almost completely intact – the agora, the pagan and Christian necropolises, and the crawling network of subterranean acqueducts, constitute the richness of this site. Extending over approximately 1,300 hectares, it recounts a history that began in the 6th Century B.C. with the foundation of the ancient Greek colony of Akragas.

The balance of the day will be at leisure. Relaxe by the pool at your hotel, read that book you've been carrying around, enjoy an afternoon aperetivo and have a wonderful Sicilian dinner under the Sicilian stars. 
Stay at : Hotel Villa Athena or similar
In the morning after breakfask, meet your driver and you'll leave Agrigento, for a visit to an outstanding winery and vineyards in the center of Sicly,, This is going to be a gloriosus day!  Afterwards you'll head to the  Aeolian Islands located off the coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea!

For generations, the Tenuta Regaleali estate has been at the heart of the Tasca d'Almerita family's wine production. This green haven stretches over the Sicilian interior between Palermo and Caltanissetta, up to the Sclafani Bagni hills where the heat so typical of this Mediterranean region is less intense. On land rising 900 meters above sea level, the fruit matures slowly, and this allows for a greater range of grapes – many of which are indigenous. There's a good selection of French varieties as well, plus grapes from the Ionian and Aegean regions of Greece, from the Caucasus and Spain which together make Tenuta Regaleali a triumphant example of diversification, environmental protection and biodiversity – There are rare varieties, and varieties saved from the threat of extinction by the expert hands of Tasca d'Almerita' s vineyard workers and of researchers from universities in Palermo and Milan It's slow, painstaking work but at Tasca d'Almerita it seems that they're in no hurry.

You arrive at Regaleali and enter a beautiful courtyard, where you'll be met with the warmth and elegance of a noble Sicilian family, with the simplicity and genuineness you can find only in the country atmosphere.
You will immediately understand that the prominent character, is the land, beloved and respected. You will be guided in the visit by Corrado, who doesn't succeed at all to hide the love for the wine and for his job.
At the end of the tour, you'll leave with a beautiful feeling, that one can be a big wine company, can produce great wines, manage large numbers, have international awards, and yet remain faithful to its land, a land that as the owners love to say " we borrowed from our children."

After lunch and some free time, we'll continue to the wonderful town of Cefalù. From there, you'll catch the boat to Salina, the stunning island of natural beauty, where you will spend the next 2 nights. Salina is the second largest island that makes up this volcanic archipelago, an island filled with charm and hospitality. There are excellent restaurants, cafes and shops, surrounded by the the amazing turquoise sea. 
Stay at : Capofaro Malvasia and Resort or similar
Today, visit Capofaro Winery and vineyards on the island of Salina.

Capofaro is one of the five estates owned by the Tasca d’Almerita family, home of the Anfiteatro vineyard, “Grande Vigna” di Malvasia. As every Tasca d’Almerita project, the starting point in Salina was the vineyard. When the Capofaro property was purchased, there was a 6-hectare Malvasia vineyard that had been in production for about thirty years: the best part was kept in production, and the building was restored. The potential of the ancient vineyard was combined with the opportunity to expand the Malvasia vineyards on the island.
Enjoy your day in Salina, relax or explore the rest of the islands. Journey to Lipari the largest and most populous fo the Aeolian Islands. Visit the Duomo or the Museo Eoliano. Panarea is another choice. The smallest and most fashionable of the seven islands. Head to the Hotel Raya for an aperitif. Make sure to enjoy a wonderful dinner in Salina - fresh fish is always on the menu, capers, peppers and tomatoes along with very good local table wines. 
After breakfast, you'll be transfered to the airprot in Catania.
You'll leave Salina by boat and then meet your driver for the private transfer to Catania.

What's Included

  • 1 night in Palermo
  • 2 nights in Menfi
  • 1 night in Agrigento
  • 2 nights in Salina
  • Arrival transfer in PMO
  • Full day tour of Erice & Marsala with guide and private driver, with drop off in Menfi
  • Lunch, Visit of Wine Estate and Wine Tasting at Florio Winery in Marsala
  • Cooking Class, Lunch, Visit of Wine Estate and Wine Tasting at Planeta
  • Guided visit of Selinunte
  • Transfer from Menfi to Agrigento
  • Guided visit of Agrigento, entrance fee included
  • Transfer from Agrigento to Cefalù with en route stop at Tasca d’Almerita
  • Half day experience at Tasca d’Almerita
  • Transfer from Cefalù to Salina Island
  • Lunch, Visit of Wine Estate and Wine Tasting at Capofaro
  • Transfer from Salina Island to Catania Airport

Not Included

  • City Tax ( to be paid at hotel, average 2/3€ per pax night)
  • Beverages and meals not mentioned in the program
  • Travel Insurance
  • Optional Excursions